Mar. 26th, 2017

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Good news is, if we can make arrangements with the friend of ours...we will plan buying his house/store and on moving this fall instead of next year. Just that anxious to get the show on the road. Kendrick will talk to him soon before he goes down to Gettysburg to make sure he is interested and given it more thought, talked it over with his wife and family, if not he will scout the area for other possibilities in JUne when he goes down. He doesn't want me to go down with him.....I think he is afrqaid I will jinx it. His friend is a quirky guy, nice but....and he would rather talk to him alone. Anything to get him to sell the building to us for a reasonable amount of money - it too is a fixer-upper.

Bad news is that our house probably isn't going to be sold for 250. It has lead paint. While we have dealt with the other issues - asbestos in the basement and asbestos shingling and started working on the downstairs, cosmetically it needs work on the inside and lead paint needs to be dealt with if a family wants to move in. I have enough for a downpayment but not to fix the house as well and really don't want to throw any more money into it since next owner will just probably redo it to their liking. I had a new asphalt driveway put in this fall because with the new work to the road, our driveway was now a hazard to the public.

So it will be sold as a fixer upper, with a fixer upper price. Might talk to the neighbor who is a carpenter and let up him know of our plans when we are ready. He bought his house, made massive renovations but it still isn't as nice as ours even tho valued more highly than ours is.

The house still has more value because of its location - corner lot and has a store front. But how much is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Handy folks might jump at it, not so handy won't.

Noone in the family knows and not alot of folks on FB either. Guess we don't want to jinx it but just so anxious!

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