Apr. 9th, 2017

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We did the Fredericksburg show, did alright. Not fantastic but better than last year. Very happy to be home. Got a call from Mike. He didn't realize that we were wanting to move so soon and apologized. He will be talking with his wife, figure out what they want for the building if they decide to sell it. He knows how much we can afford. We should hear somewhat soon, alot of things on his end to figure out. We are thinking of him leaving his books behind and be sortof a cooperative. Kendrick and I will watch the shop most of the time, he hopefully will do it when we do SCA shows. He allowed as to he might be more interested in getting back into the business if there were other folks around. Right now, the one side of the duplex is his shop but it hasn't been open for years and the other side was a rental but the folks are gone, left 6 months ago or so.

Kendrick will talk with his boss tomorrow. Let him know he is leaving and come to an agreement as to the date. Then I will post online on FB and make it official after I have told my family.

If Mike wants too much or doesn't want to sell, Chris and I will go to Gettysburg to look at places. We have been scouting online a far bit. It is giving us an idea of what we want.

Going to start culling out my larping and SCA clothes, sell them at Balfars and what is left, give to gold key.

Tis real now...hard to believe.

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