Jul. 9th, 2017

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I volunteered this house for the Bakin Bitches cookie baking. We have to pack up the boxes in the living room - they are going to be moved anyways, so I can clean and make sleeping room for the sleepovers.

Captain Elias is getting his Pelican at OChoda Gather and cookies need to be made for it. So far we have decided on making ginger bread cookies, have to decide on other types of cookies this week. Anutie Arwen, Suhayma, Kathedral, Amber and myself will be the baking crew ...altho we will hang out and gossip on Friday evening. Then bake.

While I probably will see them again, alot of good-byes are being said to freinds and family today. We went to Kendrick's Aunt and Uncle's plus family friend Ma Ramstrom. They are feeling that we won't see them again after we move. I am uncertain altho Kendrick feels we will. But just checking in and letting them know what is up with us was a very good thing.

Will be doing much the same thing with Bake N Bitches. They won't be as far away as family but....I just want to check in and let em know I care for them no matter if I don't see them as often.

However, maybe the allure of guest bedrooms and a new area to explore will entice them to visit. I will check out the bus train situation for me but not hpolding my breath....didn't see alot for me to be able to use when last I looked.

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