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We have a friend in Gettysburg that has some properties he owns and occasioanlly tries to sell...mixture of inherited properties and investments.He is a bookseller but doesn't really try all that hard. One building he owns is next to the battlefield. Kendrick has been in it. It is a duplex, living quarters on one side. Other side is his bookshop or should I say, glorified warehouse since he really is never open any more. And it is right behind a Civil War museum. Pretty much he sells mostly online...tis an odd duck, doesn't want to be chained to an open shop. Which I totally understand.

Kendrick called him today and while he isn't interested in selling right away, he is interested. That is fine with us since it will take us a year or two to fx up this place, and then sell it. Scary thing is, his house/storefront is more expensive than this house. But we think we can do it anyways. He would probably rent it to us til our house sold..then we would put down the purchase price of this place and ask a bank for a mortgage for the rest....if we can get a mortgage to 700 a month, everything would be golden. And eventually pay it off...more sooner than later Both of us prefer not having a mortgage - this place we paid off the mortgage in two years. Figure we could do the same there.

The building is large, has 6 bedrooms and about 5000 sq ft for the shop...we figure on changing it from a duplex to the downstairs bering the shop and upstairs being living quarters. Kendrick will see him June before his Civil War show - I am not going with him. He needs to talk to this fellow alone...that is fine, I have a show I hopoe to do then anyways.

Sounds like it is time to start going through my stuff and get rid of alot of it. Luckily our stuff is garage sale special so alot won't go down with us...just 10000 or more of books.

Will miss the green space...a very small plot of land in back. But PA in famous for its farmer's markets. If we pick up more shows etc, won't have time anyways for gardening. So will still can...but probably not as much.

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