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Not really wanting to jinx anything so not chatting about this on FB. If we are able to come to some sortof agreement with our friend in PA - Kendrick will be talking with him at length when he goes down to Gettysburg in June, we hope to be moving in the fall of 2018. So will be starting to cull and get rid of stuff over the next year. We have enough for a large downpayment already but selling the house will be a bonus. We hope to pay at least half of the house down and then within 2 years, pay off the mortgage. Thinking the house will be between 250-300 k. Our house is worth between 200-230k, There is a house in same neighborhood that doesn't have the storefront and is smaller but in better condition cosmetically selling for 230k. Luckily we took care of all the important stuff, just needs cosmetic touches now.

We are looking at other places in Gettysburg as well. The location is sweet, very sweet. The building itself isn't pretty but looks to be in good condition altho a tad neglected, but is 4000k sq feet at least, has 12 rooms and is a duplex, which we hope to convert to upstairs living area and downstairs.
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