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We went to our monthly book auction - our date night so to speak, lol. THis time it had a number of bookbinding equipment and tools as well as books. That is very rare to happen. A bookbinder usually dies or gets out of the business begfore you see tools come up. Hence, they can be expensive. New, the larger rollers are 100 dollars each and the small tools 75 dollars each new. There are also some patterns for tooling that you don't see anymore. So tools that are older is very desirable, especially since the antique dealers like it as well.

Kendrick was very tense, more tense than I have seen him before. He explained it as worried he would be outbid.

Welp, while he paid for it...he got all the tools plus a stamper (to put lettering on a spine) but decided against going for a cutter (we would have to rent a unit to put that in - too big and heavy and needed repair) and the dies to be used with the stamper. Those can easily be bought and 7000 dies unsorted was not something we wanted to deal with. They were in their original wooden cabinets - something very desirable to antique dealers. We did tell the auctioneer that if the person that bought them didn't want the dies, we would happily take them off his hands. Welp...there is still the matter of sorting through them.

He was still subdued after the auction. I tried to gentle him by telling him it was a needed expense yda yada. Then he told me the real reason he was in that peculiar mood. It was now a committment to moving forward, both literally and figuratively. It has now become "real" to him. And it is very scary, the costs that will be involved.

he will also be asked at the Bindery how he did at auction, as is their wont. He will tell them. Gravard will be very unhappy. Don't think he is quite believing that soon in the near future that Kendrick will be leaving.
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