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We still haven't heard from Mike about the store. Like I said before, he is a wierd duck...may not want to sell the building yet for his own reasons. So we are going ahead and looking at other places. I will be gooing with Kendrick in June to Gettysburg to look at stores. He likes going alone so him breaking down is a good thing. It is killing me that we will be only 2 hrs away from Gettysburg when we go to the show in VA but he doesn't want to go past Mike's shop. Afraid he might jinx it. I am not holding much hope tho. Just happy I don't have to wait til October for the second Gettysburg show. Iseally we would like to start moving out to Gettysburg after this Pennsic. Just have to find a place and someone to buy this house. Simple, right?

Mike's place is 4000 sq ft. We figure that with our budget, the houses/storefronts that are half the size, while not optimal but usually range 150-200 or so, whereas Mike's will be 250-300 and we would have to do some kind of deal. He is a friend but even friends have their limits to how far he is willing to go. I know he wants to rent the place to us but we are afraid of paying a rent that will eat up all the money we have saved. Been there, done that will the shop on Cape Cod. Lesson learned.

Family still doesn't really know...knows I am moving, someday. So not talking yet about it on FB plus Kendrick's boss, who has been away since beginning of January, still doesn't know and his co workers have an inkling but again, don't know the time frame....except for the boss's daughter.

Chatting here...I know there are precious few folks that reaf LJ anymore in my circle of friends, but hard to contain my excitement and need to talk. Will be seeing Raimond and Jaelle. They kinda know, they will be over the moon. They wanted us to move to Clarksville, VA but unfortunately won't do for a business. And most of Kendrick's books relate to the Union. Happy thing is, we will be 4 hrs from Clarksville so will be able to visit and go to events there and Marinusian events :))) Which I am so happy about!!!

Date: 2017-04-08 04:09 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I'm getting ready to shut down my LiveJournal account in the next week or so. I hope (can't remember) that you are on Dreamwidth.

Date: 2017-04-09 07:35 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Yes, but don't know if I will continue it. Think I will just do FB. This is a good place to vent or talk about stuff that I don't want the world to know. However the ownership bothers me. Will do this for a little but quite frankly, if you go, I will as well, soon after I have copies off those postings I find important to me.. There might be 2 other people...not sure... that read my comments.

Date: 2017-04-11 05:17 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Dreamwidth will import all of your LJ entries into DW (I got all of mine - 12 years worth - and their comments over on DW now. SO you could keep on just as you have been, with 'public' FB and 'private' venting-space DW.

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