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Good thing is, the house that was top of our list in Gettysburg is still top.

However #2 is in worse condition than pictured and foundation is crumbling. Plus don't think we can build onto it - zoning issues. # 2 is only 1400 sq ft. and the price was right so we thought we could build onto it.

#3's price will be far above what we are willing to pay - twasn't on the market yet - plus it has tenants. Weird thing is, they are doubling what the price for from last year when they tried selling it and weren't able to. No way do we want to be the landlord that evicts tenants. It has about 6 apts or so and two store fronts. While I don't mind being a landlord for a retail business, don't want to deal with renters of apts. Too many horror stories.

Got a realtor who will help us out. He was the one that told us about the warts of House #2. There might be some exclusive listings that we don't find in the MLSes.

Slowly packing by myself, Kendrick isn't doing much in that regard. While he is very excited about moving, have a feeling the reality of having to sell this house that we love is slowly sinking in.

We are planning on going down to Gettysburg before Aethelmearc War Practice to check out places.
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