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Nothing much going on except the nightly hunting among the MLSes for houses. Most of the ones we have been interested in either are too expensive, in the wrong category for the mortgage lender or needs too much work.

Granted, we want 2500 and up square space within 15 min of Gettysburg for less than 185,000 - that is what we have been pre-approved for.

There is one Kendrick is routing for that I don't want. A spacious modern ranch. I am trying hard to find something positive about it other than it is spacious enough for the shop and in the Gettysburg borough. Sorta had my heart set on a brick or stone older house...but realize I can't limit myself that way, with our budget and limitations.

There are two houses we loved that we can't get - one was too high, other is too much of fixer upper for the mortgage compnay.

We put out offers on two of em including the ranch and the Rock Top Inn which only in our dreams we would be able to get.

I figure if we do get the ranch, down the way when we have more money and after we sell this place, will find a small stone or brick house for us to live in - the ranch could be the shop.

But only a frigging emotional rollar coaster most of the time these days.

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