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Ugh. So somehow I came down with ANOTHER headcold on Monday. It hit really hard and sudden, like being run over by a bus. Luckily it left just as quickly, leaving me with YET ANOTHER lingering deep cough. Ugh. I'm tired of being sick -- I think it must have been the stress of all the travel catching up with me. I really need to start consuming more probiotics or something, cause something clearly is compromising my immune system.

Speaking of sick, the main AC in the lower part of the house died on Sunday. I don't think it can be repaired. Ugh. Angie's dad is supposed to come over at some point and look at it, so I may be wrong. But I really fear I'm not. It sounded like the main motor died --it had been making horrible noises for a few days, then Sunday it just stopped blowing air and wound down. UGH. We have fans going and if worse comes to worse we can retreat to our rooms and the window AC units there, but still.

Currently at Bethlehem, PA at 9.57am: Overcast
Temp: 72F (feels like 72F)
Humidity: 76% (dewpoint 64F)
Pressure: 29.78"
Winds: NNE 10mph
Forecast: Partly sunny, chance of PM thunderstorms, high 81F, low 65F

Hot and humid were the words for last week. Ugh. Temps were well up into the 90s with heat indices near 100F. We got some rain in the form of storms, but they didn't do anything to knock either the heat or the humidity down. This week is supposed to be more moderate, with highs in the low 80s and upper 70s. Better than subtropical XD ESPECIALLY WITH THE DAMN AC OUT.

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  • continue with scribalry practice
  • list stuff on Ebay
  • reading: A New History of the Picts (still -- I haven't picked it up in awhile XD)
  • reading: Parsival, or A Knight's Tale
Weekly Things Checklist:
  • Thing Arted: nothing
  • Thing Writed: OMG TAGS
  • Thing Cleaned: dishes and catbox and watered plants
Need to do laundry this week, and maybe I'll have more brain to art and tag and generally be productive. Ugh. And hopefully we'll get a new AC.

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I noticed, again, something that periodically puzzles me. Why do people who walk away from an organization in disgust continue to stay on that organization's social media and feel driven to post replies that play the "I walked away specifically for that (or this) reason" theme?

If you quit, why are you bothering to read the group's discussions? When I quit being a part of an organization, as I did with the Boy Scouts, for example, I leave their social media pages too. It doesn't make sense to take the time to read their discussions.

The only thing I can think of is that those 'quitters' really didn't want to leave the group and are looking for some way to fit back in, for something to inspire them to overcome their memories of the bad in the hope that there will be a new something good.
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"Agree to this user agreement in Russian or you can't use LiveJournal." Great.
Google Translate says the agreement essentially says if someone hacks your account, any damage they do with your credentials is your fault. Not going to sign that.

The user is responsible for the safety (resistance to the selection of the attacks) they selected authentication data and their privacy.
You are responsible for all acts performed by using authentication data users. All actions performed after login using authentication information the user is considered produced by the User, except in cases when the user in the manner prescribed by the Agreement by notifying the Administration of the possibility of unauthorized access and / or of any breach (suspected violations) confidentiality of the authentication data .
The user is responsible for any loss or corruption of data, as well as other consequences of any nature that may occur due to the violations of the provisions of the User Agreement.


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Trying this again...
I made a neckroll for reading for my spouse; it's the Librarian, who is sick, poor thing. VERY LARGE IMAGE, sorry:
Read more... )
From The Fifth Continent, by Terry Pratchett.

"The Librarian was very, very ill.
There was a heap of blankets in front of the roaring fire. Occasionally it shuddered a bit. The wizards watched it with concern.
The Lecturer in Recent Runes was feverishly turning over the pages of a book.
'I mean, how do we know if it's old age or not?' he said. 'What's old age for an orang-utan? And he's a wizard. And he spends all his time in the Library. All that magic radiation the whole time. Somehow the flu is attacking his morphic field, but it could be caused by anything.'
The Librarian sneezed.
And changed shape.
The wizards looked sadly at what appeared very much like a comfortable armchair which someone had, for some reason, upholstered in red fur.
'What can we do for him?' said Ponder Stibbons, the Faculty's youngest member.
'He might feel happier with some cushions,' said Ridcully.
'Slightly bad taste, Archchancellor, I feel.'
'What? Everyone likes some comfy cushions when they're feeling a little under the weather, don't they?' said the man to whom sickness was a mystery.
'He was a table this morning. Mahogany, I believe. He seems to be able to retain his colour, at least.' The Lecturer in Recent Runes closed the book with a sigh. 'He's certainly lost control of his morphic function,' he said. 'It's not surprising, I suppose. Once it's been changed, it'll change again much more easily, I'm afraid. A well known fact.' He looked at the Archchancellor's frozen grin and sighed. Mustrum Ridcully was notorious for not trying to understand things if there was anyone around to do it for him. "
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War is just shy of 2 weeks away.

I have done NO sewing, thought I want to make a couple new tunics.

The only prep I've done really is pull out and inspect the pavilion and that's only because we used it at Pax for J's vigil. I did order a new tarp for under my tent and some new chests of drawers as last year my drawer unit failed spectacularly.

But I don't have a scroll that has to be done (though I have a backlog that would be nice to get done but at this point it won't). I have a kingdom gift exchange gift I have to finish because the first attempt was a fail and I promised the replacement would be delivered at war.

But frankly, I'm not feeling it this year. No real excitement or anticipation. I'm not even feeling much of a panic that I've not done as much (if any) real prep yet. In fact, I was talking with Un-Minion this weekend and confessed that if I were not Watch 2 this year, I'd give serious thought about not going for the full two weeks if at all.

I have determined that as long as I am not in the upper command staff of the Watch next year, I may take the two weeks off of work but only go down for a week (like Wednesday to Wednesday) and use the other days as prep/recuperation/me time. The following year is still up in the air as we wait to find out if Dagmar got the bid to be Mayor. If she does, I am going to have to be down for 2.5-3 weeks as I'll be the War Admin/XO.

I admit that I miss feeling the excitement. Heck, I'm not really feeling the excitement for the SCA in general. (in fact I've been feeling a whole lot of "why bother anymore" since war practice) And I miss that. I miss just feeling excited about anything, it is just more obvious to me in regards to the SCA.
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So I went on a bit of a rant to online friends and my poor patient roommate Angie about tracing as it applies to SCA scroll production. Like, the person in question claims they can't draw, yet they want to pursue an activity that almost requires that one draw. It would make sense they would want to learn to draw, right? No, they are practically married to their light pad. Tracing to me is a cheat -- it's great as a learning tool, but to consistently and regularly trace even the simplest clipart and get praised for it when other people are working hard to learn and reproduce the medieval art form... That's just wrong to me. Vented to my Laurel, who agrees, and who also advised me to just "do me" and not let it bother me. Good advice from the boss. ^__^

Other than that, it was a quiet week. Sketched out a practice piece for trying a new-to-me scribal painting style, did some Moonshop sketchery too (I'm thinking of trying out to be a shop artist XD), watched Wimbledon and footie and Formula 1 racing, gamed with friends online for the first time in forever (Mouse Guard is a lot of fun!). Pretty good week!

Currently at Bethlehem, PA at 10.40: Clear
Temp: 82F (feels like 84F)
Humidity: 60% (dewpoint 67F)
Pressure: 30.04"
Winds: SE 5mph
Forecast: Partly sunny, chance of thunderstorms this afternoon, high 85F, low 67F

Geez was it hot last week. Hot and humid and gross. The thunderstorms only helped a little, and temporarily. This week promises more of the same. Ugh.

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  • ORP -- PUFFS v. STUFFS (ItNotM) x5
  • continue with scribalry practice
  • list stuff on Ebay
  • reading: A New History of the Picts (still -- I haven't picked it up in awhile XD)
  • reading: Parsival, or A Knight's Tale
Weekly Things Checklist:
  • Thing Arted: various sketchery
  • Thing Writed: OMG TAGS
  • Thing Cleaned: dishes and catbox and watered plants and scrubbed bog
More wording and arting this week, and staying inside from the heat!
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... of the Apollo 11 launch!

More later, maybe.
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Well, I got my ballot done before the deadline.  Some of the stuff, I didn't vote on. For example, I don't own a TV, so Drama (short) wasn't in it.  I also don't listen to fancasts, or read any fanzines but one. Since "Revenge of Hump Day" didn't get nommed, no vote.  Since the only Long Form Editor that I recognized was Theodore Beale aka Vox Day, that's where my only vote for Noah Ward went. For Fan Writer, I of course had to pick Chuck Tingle.

A note, here:  Over the past few years, the Puppy-Kickers had accused us of gaming the system, nomming things that we liked by ganging up.  Funny thing, that.  I noticed LOTS and LOTS of these headers, in the nominated works' PDFs:

A Tor.com Book
Published by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC 

Now, the PKs will tell you that the Pup's calls of "We just want good stories, not crappy message fic" was a dog-whistle (pun intended) for "We hate diversity".   When I pointed out to a Tor editor that this year's ballot smacked a LOT of "Tor gaming the system", he just replied, "No, Tor just happens to be publishing most of the Quality Science Fiction(tm)."  Yeah, right.

On to the Rest of the Ballot!

For Novel, Death's End was the only one I'd read. None of the excerpts in the package really grabbed me, so my #1 vote was my only. Likewise, for Best Series, Lois Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga was the only one I'd read. #1 and only for that, as well.

In the Novella category, "Dream Quest" was outstanding.  I've liked Lois Bujold's stuff since I first read Warrior's Apprentice, and "Penric and the Shaman" measures up.  The rest of the category was, quite frankly, meh.

For Novelette, I was tickled to see Ursula Vernon in the mix.  I seriously loved her webcomic, "Digger". "Tomato Thief" is right up there.  "Touring With The Alien" was also great, but had to give the props to "TD". "The Jewel And Her Lapidary" was pretty good, although it got a bit repetitive in spots.  "Stripper" had its interesting points, but went way overboard in trying to beat "Space Raptor Butt Invasion" from last year. The other two, meh.

In the Short Stories, 
"That Game We Played During the War" was excellent.  This is so often true, in war: "All we had to do, was not lose."  For the #2 slot, "Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies" was also good -- "Game" edged it out by a slim margin.  The others, meh -- incoherent, acid-trippy, more "journey of the mind" than story.

In Related Work, I went for SilverBob and Ursula LeGuin, because Elder Gods of SF.

Dramatic Long is a short ballot, because even  a last-place vote is still a vote and would weigh in later rounds of Australian-whatzis voting.  Rogue One was the top of my nomination list. Deadpool, great flick. Now why, you may ask, did I not include Hidden Figures? Well, let's see... I saw the flick. It was amazing. Fantastic movie, covers a chunk of history that fascinated me while I was watching it on the news (or in newsreels when I was 2-3,000 miles from the nearest TV). One of the absolute great movies of 2016. So, why did I not vote for it? Because it's not science fiction.  It's a docudrama.

For Graphic Story, I went through each selection, and voted as they struck me. Ditto for Pro and Fan Artist.  Those three categories, I tend to do quickly -- zap through, and vote my impressions.  On Graphic -- Monstress was amazing.  I really liked Paper Girls. Saga was ok.  The remaining three, meh.

Wrapping up with the Campbell:  Gailey's "Haunted" knocked it out of the ballpark.  Older's "Black Box" was cool. Mulroney's "Equation" was amusing, the rest were meh.

1. Death's End

1. The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe
2. Penric and the Shaman
3. Every Heart a Doorway
4. A Taste of Honey
5. The Ballad of Black Tom
6. This Census-Taker

1. "The Tomato Thief"
2. "Touring with the Alien"
3. The Jewel and Her Lapidary
4. Alien Stripper Boned From Behind By The T-Rex
5. "The Art of Space Travel"
6. "You'll Surely Drown Here If You Stay"

Short Story:
1. "That Game We Played During the War"
2. "Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies"
3. "Seasons of Glass and Iron"
4. "A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers"
5. "The City Born Great"
6. "An Unimaginable Light"

Related Work:
1. Traveler of Worlds: Conversations with Robert Silverberg
2. Words Are My Matter: Writings About Life and Books, 2000-2016

Graphic Story:
1. Monstress, Volume 1: Awakening
2. Paper Girls, Volume 1
3. Saga, Volume 6
4. The Vision, Volume 1: Little Worse Than A Man
5. Black Panther, Volume 1: A Nation Under Our Feet
6. Ms. Marvel, Volume 5: Super Famous

Dramatic Long:
1. Rogue One
2. Deadpool

Editor Long:
1. No award

Pro Artist:
1. Sana Takeda
2. Galen Dara
3. Julie Dillon
4. Chris McGrath
5. Victo Ngai
6. John Picacio

Fan Writer:
1. Chuck Tingle

Fan Artist:
1. Elizabeth Leggett
2. Spring Schoenhuth
3. Likhain (M. Sereno)
4. Steve Stiles
5. Vesa Lehtimäki
6. Ninni Aalto

1. The Vorkosigan Saga

New Writer:
1. Sarah Gailey
2. Malka Older
3. J. Mulrooney

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Our repaired and inspection-passed truck has been returned to us, after we paid a partial ransom for it. The rest of the well-earned blackmail money will be sent from Cooper's Lake after the first of August.

Finally I am doing a sewing project for Pennsic prep. Bossman has a Glastonbury chair which needs a seat cushion. Luckily I have a scrap of green & gold upholstery fabric which will do well to be one, and sufficient batting to fill it. If I'm lucky there will be a big enough piece of it left over that I can use it to craft the front of a back cushion for it also. The trick will be to figure out how to put the cushioning on the back rest since the chair is unfinished and so nails and brads as Right Out. If you have a suggestion, I'm all ears. Bossman suggests strapping it on at left & right sides, with Velcro to connect the strap pieces. As you'd expect, this disturbs my medieval Wa.

I got a fabulous bit of news from a friend. After too many miscarriages, her 10-year-old son will have a younger sibling when the weather turns. She's past the dangerous first trimester so it looks like smooth sailing from here. I am so thrilled for her!

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I have a question for those reading this who are also in the SCA.

What would you feel about a woman who mooned (dropped her drawers and presented her bare bottom to others) a performer she knew well during a bardic circle in her baronial encampment while children were present? Would you find this amusing? Would your feelings be different if the woman was a newcomer, or a mid-level award holder, or a Peer? Would you have differing views depending upon circumstances?
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The Girl with Ghost Eyes (Xian Li-lin, #1)The Girl with Ghost Eyes by M.H. Boroson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

if Goodreads let us do 1/2 stars, I would give this a 3.5.

Xian Li-lin is a 22 year old widow, living with her father in Chinatown in San Francisco at the end of the 19th century. She studies Daoist traditions and strives to not bring shame on to her father. The thing that makes her unusual is that she has Yin or Ghost Eyes which means that she can see and interact with the Spirits.

She's approached by the son of one of the most important men in Chinatown, who asks her to help his friend who has a friend who died but needs help crossing over to the next realm. She agrees. From there things go sideways.

The blending of the Supernatual with traditional Chinese beliefs and attitudes at the end of the 19th century was something I had not seen before and enjoyed greatly. I do think that I would have liked this book more had a read it rather than listened to it. Not being familiar with Chinese names, it was hard at times to keep them all straight. Add to that, is that I first encountered the narrator through another series of books (also in the first person) and I had a hard time separating that series' main character from Li-lin. Had either book been in third person I do not think I would have had that trouble.

Overall, it was a fun book.

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