Jan. 10th, 2013


Jan. 10th, 2013 06:19 am
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Just got in from Ireland the 5 copies of Viking Age Headcoverings from Dublin by Heckett. Mailman also brought me 5 boxes of books on the Vikings, furniture, illumination. Will have fun putting these up on my website :) I already have three people interested in the Headcoverings book, we will see if they come through. Found out how much it will cost me to set up at Pennsic this year. Laughed heartily when I saw it was the sign of the devil. Some customers would think it was very apropos. It is npot quite double what I usually spend. Hoping that with being able to bring extra books, it will pay for iteself. We signed up for the New England Reenactor's Tag sale in February at Sturbridge - probably will bring my colonial and revolutionary war stuff there...tis Kendrick's show so not sure how much I will be able to bring since we only have one table.

Hunting for more books on illumination - after I find em, will stop buying til after Nrika. My pocketbook is no longer in existence especailly with the order from Ireland. But the fun part is, I get to loook through the books until they find their new owners :)

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