Jan. 14th, 2013

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We had a peaceful weekend, both of us worked. Me on store stuff. Kendrick put in some extra hours at the bindery. He tried out a new recipe for chili and watched footbasll game. I did laundry.

We are having a meeting of the sibs at our house in the beginning of February. It won't be a fun one or happy one. My sister requested it. And while I feel uneasy about it, think it isn't a bad idea. We won't have Mom with us - gods I pray not soon - after a few years. And there are things to be talked about now instead of after she goes, when our emotions will be running high and we are in pain. Mom has 5 pieces of property valued at over 2 million dollars. Three pieces by the water on Cape Cod, the house she stays in and a rental property next to her. Her house has sentimental attachment to most of the kids. The Seachest (rental property) I am fond of - Kendrick and I had some nice weekends there. However between the 6 of us (including Matt's widow), I don't see any of us being willing or able to take over. The property taxes are being paid now by rental income, leaving no profit. At least Mom is able to stay where she wants for as long as she wants because the property is paying for itself. Sad to say, Johnny, Dan and I don't have the wherewithal to afford the yearly taxes. John and I don't live near the cape. Dan does but he has a house there he is fond of and not alot of money. Madalon has the money but already owns property on the Cape and is paying for her children's college tuition. Mark lives in NH and is happy there, don't see him wanting any extra expenses or property either. He has two properties in NH. Lori (Matt's widow) might like some of the property and might be able to afford it. I am sad because it looks bleak for the future of the Meany compound. We just can't afford it. If the property wasn't valued so high, maybe we could! While taxes on Cape Cod are not too bad, it is still above what we can afford. So unless family members come up with an idea. the end of the Meany compound is in site. For the mean time, we will treasure Mom and it for as long as we can. We have been able to keep the land unbuilt upon and beautiful but I can foresee that a developer will buy it and build condos. Before we bought it, that is what was planned but the previous owner sold to my family in early 70's rather than have that. Not sure we would be able to do the same thing. Writing this all out because it has been preying on my mind. Kindof ironic...the ones that would be willing don't have the cash and the ones that would be able too, propbably won't want to, for various reasons. So sad. And I haven't even started to process the fact that Mom may not be with us after a few years. I just started accepting that she is old.

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