Feb. 18th, 2013

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Rumor Answers 101:

1) Yes, it is true that the Solar Shower is no longer Solar and the Solar Pond is gone. The showers are still there and better than ever now with an on demand hot water system that gives hot water all the time.

2) Yes, it is true that the Barn will no longer be used for Pennsic courts and events. The Coopers are building a brand new larger building for those purposes in N01-...-across from Dance. We are calling it "The Great Hall." All activities that were previously in the Barn will be scheduled for the Great Hall. The Barn will be hosting a fresh food market with a restaurant from now on.

3) Yes, the Coopers are constructing a water treatment facility at the bottom of Runestone Hill. Although it will eventually service the entire site, treating the well water to make it the equivalent of any city water (chlorine and all) this will of necessity be a multi-year project since it will tear up a great deal of ground to run the pipes to the entire site. For this first phase the water services will be in the areas immediately around the lake and in the central campground areas. And, no, there will be never be any "fracking waste water" brought into the campground for treatment.

4) Yes, Pennsic is ending one day earlier, but all activities are beginning one day earlier on Peace week as well. Site closes on noon on Saturday, August 3rd. Please plan accordingly. And no, there will be no "refunds" for one day less of War, but the good news is that (despite the golfcart gas, buses, EMS, and haybale costs that have all risen and in some cases doubled) entrance fees have NOT been increased.

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