Feb. 23rd, 2013

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We left early for the show. Had no expectations. The tag sale was about 15 min away..easy set up, easy take down. Only 11 boxes. I had no sales, Kendrick had two which bummed us a little but it was fun looking at stuff. I bought a folding high stool which made my day. Have a folding small stool that is very uncomfortable for classes at Pennsic. This one is high and comfortable so now I don't have to worry about no chair for classes. We are definaitely going next year but realize sadly that Reenactor's spend money on garb/kit but not on books. A few vendors had 1-3 dollar books and those were selling. Could be that any buck-a-books that I might have at this time next year, I might bring instead of my regular stock. We will see.

I have decided not to host my Mustard class this year. Jaji told me that he won't be attending Pennsic this year, so I imagine that Bakin Bitches will probably be helping out with Hafla for OChoda and that takes alot out of me, which I am very happy to do but don't need the extra stress of a class to host around the same time. I don't get alot of folks coming to the Mustard class. Luckily those that do are very interested. Next year I will run it, and come up/find new period recipes. However, will make mustard this year for Marinus and OChoda :)

Looking for costume books for Hrim Scola, a small SCA event nearby in March with a focus on textiles, costuming. We have decided to do small local shows in the off months with minimal setup - 10 - 15 boxes.

This week, will work on a Menu for Bakin Bitches meeting March 1-3 at my house. So far have 3 people plus Kendrick and I. BB is looking forward to a cookie/bread baking marathon. Will freeze same for Gather.

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