Mar. 10th, 2013

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Had the BB's over to bake cookies for OCHoda Gather. Made up some Swedish meatballs and Spiced lamb meatballs which were nice. Also baked 10 loaves of Irish Soda Bread.

OChoda Gather was very nice. Was uncertain if I would be going down Friday night but luckily we were able to get out to the camp. Had the meatballs warming up - alot of others brought pot luck items so all were well fed and happy. Talked with alot of friends.

Saturday helped with a reading of 12th Night which was fun, helped convince a down-in-the-dumps friend to come to Gather. I think she and her wife had fun once they got here. They have had a tough few months. I wish I could have spent more time with them.

Kendrick came in late to the dinner. He was working at the Bindery on some books that we will be taking down for a Civil War show in VA. Dinner was very good, I helped serve. Think it was cornish hems or very small chickens, sliced pork, salmon, carrots in a honey and lemon sauce, a vegetable medley, bread and cheese and then toward the end of the evening, the Irish Soda Bread. We also had the cookies for a sweet snack after a lunch of various chilis and the cookies were also a dessert after dinner.

The Chieftainess called the Baking Bitches up for recognition of what we did plus gave us an apron that we will be sharing. We plan on getting together maybe 3 times or more a year and the hostess gets to wear the apron :)

I have to admit am glas the last two weeks are over..I had such alot of fun prepping and hanging with folks but n0ow it it time to prep for the Civil War show in April, get the taxes done etc and start the seedlings for the garden!

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