Mar. 23rd, 2013

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Did Hrim today. saw some folks I haven't seen for awhile. Twas low key but fun. Only problem was merchant area was unheated. Customers sallied forth shivering and looked and sometimes bought. The food was unbelievable for a Day board. Oh was feast level quality and only three bucks. Brought home some leftover Irish soda bread...might make that into French toast or bread pudding. Also a rice/raisin pie - will have find out the proper name for it. Most of the food was Persian themed. Saw Carollein from Small Churl. She has finally sold off most of her stock. We had a good chat til she turned into a popsickle and had to leave. She will be happily teaching a fair amount but isn't sure what needlework/embroidery courses she will teach yet. Gods I will miss her as a fellow bookseller. Found out one thing, when I get very cold or very hot I get cranky and tired. Barked at kendrick when tearing down the booth and later after he made dinner, fell asleep for 3 hours. Business was ok and it is only 15 min away so was worth it, if only for the socialization aspect. Will do it again :) Have some recipes I want to try out :) Maybe on OChoda...grins

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