Apr. 15th, 2013

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Notes from the Road Day One . Staying in Doswell outside of Richmond. Had a very good dinner at a nice small restuarant. Have plans to hopefully go to Jamestown tomorow - stay over someplace near the NC border tomorrow night. Aunt Karen and Missy watching over the boys at our house so they won't be lonely. Real climate shock..ground outside house just lost snow last weekend. Buds in NJ. Here cherry blossoms, daffodils etc are in full bloom and it will be 76 degrees tomorrow!

Notes from the Road Day Two. We went to Jamestown today it was fantastic, we especially liked the nautical portion. They gave some good lectures. I was pleasantly suprised to see a replica Powhatan village there and the Museum had alot of information on the Powhatans at that period. Was disappointed in the amount of info on seeds and gardening methods of the time but might be too early in the season to have alot of info or gardening volunteers. We are staying in Hopewell. Had rockfish today like it alot. Had crab cakes yesterday which pleased me no end.

Notes from the Road Day Three by Kendrick. Drury's Bluff / Fort Darling, Chimborazo Park, Tredegar Iron Works / Belle Island, Richmond

All interesting,
The earthworks at Drury's Bluff are really well preserved.

Chimborazo was a last minute choice. At the time, 1861, it was the largest hospital complex in the world. On a hill overlooking Richmond, Confederate Surgeons, Nurses - incl. women and blacks, and staff tended to ...over 76,000 wounded / sick soldiers over the course of the war. In the end, the mortality rate at Chimborazo was less than 10%. Pretty amazing. Now, they were a convelescent facility - they were not performing amputations, but they were treating those who had had amputations ...

And while Tredegar was nice, I was more interested to see Belle Island. A Confederate POW Prison, in the middle of the James River. Interesting in many ways. The small area that 5000 prisoners were held in - hard to really imagine. The fact that it is now a large public park- used by walkers, joggers, bikers - and I wonder how many of them have any appreciation for what happened there. I suspect very few. There are a few info markers, but I suspect even if read by people, they don't much care.

Sometimes, being a history buff means you wonder why others don't appreciate what they have ...

Notes from the Road Day Four. We went down to Wendell NC to visit a colleague friend of ours and buy books. Was not happy when he wasn't there - he screwed up the day and was out bringing in 10,000 books. His wife however was there and we were still able to look. Was placated when I was told I could look at the free books. In order to make room for all the books they were getting in, they had to cull drastically anything that wasn't Civil War. I happily found 7 large boxes of books on the Roman period as well as Colonial and Revolutionary war periods. I would have taken more but Kendrick placed a box limit...sigh. kendrick bought about 2-3 boxes of books on the Civil War - old regimentals and rare Civil War items. After I went through the books, gave Tom a percentage because my books were just that good - while few were rare, most were good condition bread and butter books. After about 6 hours of book hunting we headed up to Clarkesville VA where a couple of frends kindly fed us, talked and laughed with us and gave us comfortable sleeping arrangements. They also sent us off the next day with full tummies after breakfast :)

Notes from the Road Day Five. Headed up to Fredericsburg, scouted out some more bookshops and bought more books. Finished repricing Kendrick's books for the Civil War show from books we just bought.

Notes from the Road Day Six/Seven. The Civil War show! We set up...it took us awhile. Had a nice time looking at some of the displays. This will be the last year they have it in the Fredericksburg area. They may be moving it up to Manassas or over to Chantilly. When it was in Chantilly there was better business. I will be sad because any chance to visit the coastline of VA will not happen. However we will still be going to NC to buy books possibly by way of Clarksburg. There is a possibility of us going down more than once, Kendrick has a deal in the works with a bookseller in NC :) Kendrick is one of the few dealers that sells rare material so he did quite well this year. We came home very tired, very homesick for the kitties and feeling we got alot accomplished.

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