Apr. 24th, 2013


Apr. 24th, 2013 10:57 am
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I really have to stop being so literal. Put up a note on FB about the yard work we need to do and had two people offer to come and help. So I advertised it for a a combination work/garage sale day asking folks to let me know to I could do some food prep for people interested in coming. So far, lots of folks saying they can't and tumbleweeds rolling across the screen in terms of folks interested/able to come down. Not angry or anything but feel embarrassed now. Wish folks would not offer to help if they can't or don't want to - it may be the polite thing to do but for literal folks like me, I takes ya at yer word.
/minor grumble done

Looking forward to this nweekend, will be selling a boatload of books for a buck each at the garage sale - around 15 boxes worth and what I don't sell will bring to Silver Kingdom. The weather will be beautiful! Kendrick finished the two 3 by 26 ft beds, we will put some poles in the ground to support the sides and then fill with dirt hopefully tonight.

We found out that we own part of our neighbor's driveway so some work we want to do, we can do. Namely clearing the brush on one side. Need to rake out the rocks. In the spring we piled horse manure on the beds. The horses must have eatten rocks for dinner so we have to rake it out before rototilling. Both of us are kind of excited...it has been a long winter inside.

In regards to our ownership of part of the neighbor's driveway - we talked to our neighbor in back who has been here 82 years. Wow. He talked to us a bit about the property. I might check and see if he has some old p-hotos of what it used to look like. Apparently his mom or wife and the Amellos used to compete with each other about who had the prettier garden. Plus they grew LOTs of grapes - it is all overgrown now but the grapes are still there. Might be nice to see if we could resurrect some of the grape vines but oh my gods what alot of work this will involve.

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