Apr. 25th, 2013

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and filled with 4 layers of manure, top soil, peat moss, sand and something else - can't remember. Spent two hours raking out pebbles from three of our older beds. Reminder to tell sister in law that horses aren't supposed to eat rocks :) We got 40 buckets of manure in the fall from her and spread it on the older beds, hoping to beef up the soil. The soil here is very played out and useless - over the years we have been supplementing it but still not to the point where we have as good a harvest as we should have except for tomatoes - I am Lady Bountiful with tomatoes :)

Kendrick spent around 1000 bucks on the new beds but we still need more soil. We have to replace some of the wood on the raised beds. There are beds that are 5 years and more that need help cause the wood is rotting. Some years are slightly better than other years on our expenditures for the garden but this year won't be one of them. We will replace the strawberry bed...maybe after June when they have finished fruiting. We also plan on extending the flower bed to the other end of the yard plus extend the driveway in the fruit.

Kendrick split more wood and finally took down the Christmas ornaments from outside - yes, I think we be Rednecks. We hope to get in two hours a day working outside after work if the weather is nice plus weekends. I have to plant more tomatoes inside. Hope to have 36 tom plants in the new beds. Kendrick will have some cherry tomatoes in containers. Hope to plant another 20-30 plants in other areas - have some more San Marzanos to plant plus Jaelle gave me some heirloom Aztec tomato seeds that I will be planting. Have to redesign my garden plan becuase I wasn't sure that the 4 beds would be done.

Very happy...I had a great time running my hands through the soil. It wasn't too hot but nice and cool outside.

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