Jun. 10th, 2013

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I am thinking of rental truck - 12-14 fter to bring down my books. Will probably cost me over a grand. So far, with the cost of the truck - if I go ahead with it, the cost of the booth, I will out out 2 grand. Then people I will be employing @ 500-1000 as well. Gulp, this is a big nut to crack with double the boothsize. But as they say, go big or go home. I figure I will have to do at least 3 grand more to make it worth it and 4 grand more than I usually do to make it profitable. My problem is not stock..have plenty to fill the booth. I usually have to do three cullings before settling on which books to bring down. Have to admit, with the truck won't have to waste time doing that :) My problem is all the additional costs involved with getting larger.

OChoda has offered to defray some of the cost of the truck in exchange for being able to use it at end....have to fly that by Kendrick tho. But don't see an issue.

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