Sep. 1st, 2013

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at the Cape. We went walking along the sand, sat and played a little in the waves. Ate at Liam's at Nauset - I lived on the Cape for over 10 years and visted the nexct 15 and never ate there. Decided to go for it. The scallops were good..loved em :)

Kendrick fixed Mom's gutters, her mailbox and repalced some rotten window sills. Raked the lawn - part of it for a party for Mom's 89th birthday. Brought over some chocolate zucchini bread, spiced zucchini bread, banana zucchini bread and alot of veggies. Alot of the family and some of her friends showed up. We laughed alot and hung out alot. Something we have really done alot together for awhile now. I miss it. Found out my sister who is working in oncology in Cambridge is working on quality control/research on a cancer medicine that is in trials I believe for people that Gleevecx doesn't work for. She just got the position very recently. She is working her heart out. Had a long talk with my nephew about whether he should take and interesting and cushy job or pursue his interests and love. Gave him my perspective. Also told him, he is young enough to start over/change his mind. He isn't locked into whatever he chooses. But also told him he would have to move to really pursude his love - music - if that is what he chooses. It was a very magical evening.

We came home early today - was puring and well home was calling to us. There are some decisions we will be making. Nothing bad but might be some disappointments for other folks. There are committments we will fulfill but we have not been doing as much for ourselves as we should be - both working on the house and otherwise. So will be cutting out some things. We haven't really decided yet but want to simplify our lives and start doing things for ourselves. We will still be doing Isles - we will do that til the end of the campaign. We will be talking things out. Not putting this up on FB - not alot of our friends that this would impact are still here on FB. So this is a noodling out place. And god knows we could change our mind in the next 25 seconds but I doubt it....we have been talking about simplyfying our lives for the last few years, just never done anything about it.

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