Oct. 17th, 2013


Oct. 17th, 2013 07:44 pm
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Butternut Squash soup, Split pea with ham soup, 2 pumpkin pies (baking). My contribution for lunch/dinner at Isles. Others will be bringing cornbread, meatballs, pimplin muffins, assorted meal nibblies, smoked pork and potaotoes, borscht, possibly tomatoes with mozzarella cheese. Some folks will be making various kinds of breakfast. Our camp is small - 8 people or so but seems to grow at meal time! People are welcome as long as they bring a dish.

Much as I love Isles, I will be happy to see this season closer. We are a week or two away from painting (outside) being done, tomatoes being finished canned. I am tired, sometimes cranky...ok alot cranky. As is Kendrick. We still have to work on the outside but trying to juggle the work both inside and out around larps, sca, weddings, family obligations has been interesting...physically and financially. Figure we wil put the garden to bed in Novemeber - go to Kendrick's sister's and pick up 30 - 40 big buckets of horse manure and spread it as well as add the composting we have done over the summer.

Am very happy with how the gardens have done tomato and zucchini and jalapeno - wize...have to tweak other areas or drop them altogether.

I am sad to see summer go..very sad. But now I am hunting for books for Pennsic and having alot of fun..have discovered and bought some real interesting books the last few weeks. The experiment at Pennsic was an success and left me with some money to buy more books and put towards household bills.

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