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Well, it looks like all our niggly bits are slowly getting in order for the purchase of the house. The last bit of info required by the mortgage company was submitted.

Tuesday is the day we will sign papers on 1215 Old Route 30, Cashtown (outside of Gettysburg). The shop when we get it approved by the Township will be called The Rock Top Bookshop and Bindery.

We are beyond ecstatic, will drop off our first load with the van and trailer then. We have to go down then to Virginia after the signing to pick up some books I am buying from someone - tis an hour away.

Have to finish packing for Pennsic both books and gear. Kendrick will drop me off and set up the Book Wagon and pavilion then go back to Mass. He wants to put in as many hours as he can before leaving the Green Dragon Bindery around the end of August. We will after I get back spend almost every weekend hauling stuff down. We really can't afford a mover and have put aside money for the gas for the moving.

We hope to have our house here ready to sell by end of September. Until it sells it will be thin times, will be pretty much living off of what I make at Pennsic and other shows and what he is able to make at his shows. We have literally used all the money we have set aside. Tis a big risk but we feel very good about it. We know what I can make at shows for the most part and we know what Kendrick is able to bring in. Hope to pick up more shows in VA, PA, Maryland, NC and WV between the both of us.

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zip code, oh ecstatic one? For my holiday mailing list?

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