Oct. 4th, 2017 08:27 am
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We had my sister in law and brother in law down to Cashtown. Both of them would like to move from Mass and possibly into the Penn area. He is very much into moving as soon as possible. Where he works is going into another round of lay offs in Feb and he thinks he will be cut. Both of them have decent paying jobs. I queried her as to why she was wanting to stay. The answer sortof shocked me a bit. "I don't have a college degree and no other place would pay as well as Ken's for someone without a college degree." He also doesn't have a degree. She and Kendrick were too poor to afford college but not poor enough to be able to get aid of any kind. That is the one regret Kendrick had and is a little bitter about. He was able to get a 2 year scholarship but that was it. There was no one to help guide he or his sister to other options if there were other options. Their parent was a sometimes working Mom when she was able to find work, their Dad (not in the picture) didn't contribute much and nothing at all to further their education. My sister-in-law's husband was in in the military and they paid for a few years of college education after he got out. However, trying to hold down a job and finishing his education proved too hard. He would love to work as a park ranger but they require a college education. He has experience as a welder and has took some natural science courses which he loved.

Think things will come to a head by spring. He really wants to move and she is terrified of not being able to find work. But their fears may be overcome by then. She is very close to Kendrick and their isn't a lot of family on their side she is close to. I am just sad for them....I was lucky. Had two parents in a middle class family, later on upper middle class....that were able to pay for their children's college education. I had to leave college so other kids could go but completed my education later on. College education was much less expensive then but still too expensive for some families like Kendrick's.
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Giving away some stuff....for FREE. First thing was a table, one person asked if it was big enough to fit in a hatchback (it wasn't), we offered to deliver. Then he asked if it had a set of chairs to go with it. Luckily a friend decided they wanted the table, they would pick it up and didn't need chairs. Free is free. Don't expect much. Sorta like the lady that came by to look at our house. She wanted to put in a hair salon. But there was too much work that needed to be done in her eyes. That is why the price is 80,000 dollars less than what it would have gone for, all fixed up. We noted it needed some updating. If you don't want work to be done, don't look at the cheapest listing. Guarantee it will need help.

Waiting for the second person to come by, they are late.

Sigh, people...
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Have almost all the books in the shop done. The nice bookcases are all ready to be packed - those that are left. Kendrick is going through the oh-my-god woes that I went through a few months ago when I started packing. He has just started this week because of work. Now that he no longer works for the Bindery, he can pack.

Friends are starting to offer to help. Which is nice. But they are kinda expecting us to go according to their schedule which is not so fun. Everyone is curious about the house and wants to see it. Luckily the cots and bedding for the most part are there so they will have sleeping quarters. I am trying to impress on Kendrick that if they are coming down, I want them to bring some stuff along to help us. Cause I know that after we unpack, they will want to /and we will want to as well!! show off Gettysburg. This weekend it is a couple we have known for a number of years and are our computer gurus when we have issues. Luckily coming down during the week and leaving Monday will not be an issue. They will have their own car which will help a lot.

The following weekend will be Kendrick sister, who I love dearly and her husband but it will be a down and back trip since they work. So down Saturday, over night and back on Sunday.

I am not discouraging these folks...moving all our stuff is an extremely daunting task event tho I have been packing for a few months now. At the beginning Kendrick didn't want help, just us. Think he is beginning to see reasons why, if only he would let folks bring boxes down...we have a Gettysburg friend who sometimes helps us unload which is very nice. But think his curiousity about our new house is waneing.


Aug. 25th, 2017 05:55 am
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Welp today is Kendrick's last day at work. Tomorrow we will go down to the Cape to visit Mom for an early birthday and do some chores there. Take her out if she wants. Come back on Sunday. Leave for Cashtown and go to Auntie Arwen's - she has a bed for us to bring down (most likely she will use it when visiting!) and possibly some other antiques that her family doesn't want. We are trying to upscale from yard-sale special to go with the house. This trip we will bring down around 50 boxes of books and a trailer full of our and Auntie Arwen's furniture.

It will be down and back, then pack more boxes and pack as many bookcases as we will have been able to empty. I have 24 very nice bookcases that were built for my bookshop on Cape Cod about 30 years ago or so. Fellow asked me to cover the expenses for the wood and asked for 600 dollars credit in Civil War Books which I happily gave him. I helped sand and stained em so they have a huge sentimental value to me. Was tempted to sell em some years ago when we needed money and again before this move. But no, they were and are part of the history of my shop soon to be our shop.

Kendrick accepted that and has mapped out where each bookcase will go....all can be downstairs in bookshop area instead of squirreled away in various parts of the house since my bookshop in Mass couldn't fit them all in it.


Aug. 22nd, 2017 03:34 pm
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Pennsic treated me very well both financially and camp-wise. I didn't have Kendrick or the lady that usually watches the booth. Hired a friend and while she was good when she was there, her communication skills were lacking in terms of letting me know when she wasn't able to work. Part of that was my fault. I was stupid for not getting her phone and finding out why she wasn't there. We sorted it all out and she was there for when I most needed her.

Pennsic was a work event for me totally. I did bake at the Hafla and went to the Performing Arts twice. Camp spoiled me, they realized I couldn't do a lot of camp chores this year - they were ok with whatever I was able to do. Have a couple of new folks in the Barony. Small crush on Madoo or Michael, a new old Marinusian who lives in Mass now but thinking of moving, since he liked VA, tried talking him into moving back there. Mungo made breakfast and Curt did Mongolian Stir Fry for Camp - very yummy! Usually I was working from 9-7, during war week 9-9 and would go to bed at 10. It was nice listening and falling asleep listening to folks chatter around the camp fire.

Kendrick's last day at work is Friday. It is more than a little bittersweet for him. They are really unhappy he is leaving. Pain in the ass some of them were at times, they valued him a lot. I tried talking him into working part time til we leave but he wants out of Mass. now, and into our new house. We figure for the next couple of months we will be moving stuff down to Cashtown PA twice a week starting Monday for the next two months. I have tried packing, organizing stuff over the last two months but I have barely made a dent in what needs to go. We are not hiring a mover - too expensive - so using our van and trailer to take stuff down. We may change our minds later on.

Made some connections with SCA folks near Cashtown and discovered there are a number of folks there nearby which makes me happy. Plus Kendrick has a close friend in Gettysburg. And we will be closer to our beloved Marinus! There is a charitable organization I am interested in joining - The Gleaning Project of South Central PA. Plan on leaving the Red Cross. My time is done. Want to do other things now.

We plan on having The Rock Top Bookshop and Bindery open Tues, Weds, Thurs from 9-5. Go to SCA and/or Civil War events twice a month and have Mon and Friday off.
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We finally signed the papers a couple of days ago and dropped off our first load of books. Plus we had to go to VA to buy some books on medieval cookery and heraaldry.

Spent most of trip down and back talking about our future plans....met a few neighbors. The older fella next door and and neighbor from across the street sauntered over to help him...erm check on the new folks.

Both of us are very anxious to be in our new house...but it will take us at least a couple of months or so to pack, clean etc. Then we need to put this house up for sale. Part of me will be sad, I do love this house. It has some great memories.


Jul. 15th, 2017 03:21 pm
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Sigh I am so not a social butterfly. Have come upstairs to decompress for a few minutes, lol. We are busily baking for Elias's Vigil. Made some coconut orange shortbread cookies so far - experiment, liked the recipe, next will be sugar cookies with a marashino cherry for the blood. Right now Amber is working on Gingerbread that we can use molds on. We will see whicvh is these recipes will go to the vigil and make more of whichever recipe we like the best. Maybe all of them! PLus there are a few others I would like to do that are tried and true.

Tuesday :)

Jul. 14th, 2017 09:39 am
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Well, it looks like all our niggly bits are slowly getting in order for the purchase of the house. The last bit of info required by the mortgage company was submitted.

Tuesday is the day we will sign papers on 1215 Old Route 30, Cashtown (outside of Gettysburg). The shop when we get it approved by the Township will be called The Rock Top Bookshop and Bindery.

We are beyond ecstatic, will drop off our first load with the van and trailer then. We have to go down then to Virginia after the signing to pick up some books I am buying from someone - tis an hour away.

Have to finish packing for Pennsic both books and gear. Kendrick will drop me off and set up the Book Wagon and pavilion then go back to Mass. He wants to put in as many hours as he can before leaving the Green Dragon Bindery around the end of August. We will after I get back spend almost every weekend hauling stuff down. We really can't afford a mover and have put aside money for the gas for the moving.

We hope to have our house here ready to sell by end of September. Until it sells it will be thin times, will be pretty much living off of what I make at Pennsic and other shows and what he is able to make at his shows. We have literally used all the money we have set aside. Tis a big risk but we feel very good about it. We know what I can make at shows for the most part and we know what Kendrick is able to bring in. Hope to pick up more shows in VA, PA, Maryland, NC and WV between the both of us.
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I volunteered this house for the Bakin Bitches cookie baking. We have to pack up the boxes in the living room - they are going to be moved anyways, so I can clean and make sleeping room for the sleepovers.

Captain Elias is getting his Pelican at OChoda Gather and cookies need to be made for it. So far we have decided on making ginger bread cookies, have to decide on other types of cookies this week. Anutie Arwen, Suhayma, Kathedral, Amber and myself will be the baking crew ...altho we will hang out and gossip on Friday evening. Then bake.

While I probably will see them again, alot of good-byes are being said to freinds and family today. We went to Kendrick's Aunt and Uncle's plus family friend Ma Ramstrom. They are feeling that we won't see them again after we move. I am uncertain altho Kendrick feels we will. But just checking in and letting them know what is up with us was a very good thing.

Will be doing much the same thing with Bake N Bitches. They won't be as far away as family but....I just want to check in and let em know I care for them no matter if I don't see them as often.

However, maybe the allure of guest bedrooms and a new area to explore will entice them to visit. I will check out the bus train situation for me but not hpolding my breath....didn't see alot for me to be able to use when last I looked.


Jun. 26th, 2017 05:48 am
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In the next few days we should hear officially whether we have the house or not. Yes, we have been pre-approved, the seller and rwaltor are ok with our offers and everything is signed, the place has been inspected. But we need the offical word the money will be released.

Plus, I will be going infor a Pet Scan Weds. There is a real chance my NHL in lymph node on my neck has become enlarged. If so, I will have to start taking Ritauxin either orally or in shot form...not sure which.

Plus my supplemental insurance will be going away at end of August. I have Medicare but have to shop for supplemental insurance that is good as the one I have in Penn.

Have been boxing, boxing and boxing more books, stuff.

Any reason why I am sleeping like shite last couple of weeks?


Jun. 14th, 2017 09:09 pm
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Had my appt with my oncologist today. The node that was somewhat enlarged on my neck is a bit larger. Will go in for another Pet Scan in a couple of weeks. She isn't too worried. There are no other spots. I am worried for both of us because at the end of August, the insurance I have will go bye bye. So any tests I have, have to have now. Will probably be able to keep her as my oncologist.

We are half way done with the house buying. Signing more paperwork with the mortgage company tonight and other paperwork. Next week Kendrick goes to Gettysburg for his show and will meet with the realtor after all the inspections are done. Soon we will be signing...sooon I hope.

Kendrick will not be online as a gunner that much if any this war. He will be coming down to set up and break down. He is trying to get more hours in plus do some packing. He will be leaving his job at the end of Aug.


May. 25th, 2017 06:05 am
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Nothing much going on except the nightly hunting among the MLSes for houses. Most of the ones we have been interested in either are too expensive, in the wrong category for the mortgage lender or needs too much work.

Granted, we want 2500 and up square space within 15 min of Gettysburg for less than 185,000 - that is what we have been pre-approved for.

There is one Kendrick is routing for that I don't want. A spacious modern ranch. I am trying hard to find something positive about it other than it is spacious enough for the shop and in the Gettysburg borough. Sorta had my heart set on a brick or stone older house...but realize I can't limit myself that way, with our budget and limitations.

There are two houses we loved that we can't get - one was too high, other is too much of fixer upper for the mortgage compnay.

We put out offers on two of em including the ranch and the Rock Top Inn which only in our dreams we would be able to get.

I figure if we do get the ranch, down the way when we have more money and after we sell this place, will find a small stone or brick house for us to live in - the ranch could be the shop.

But only a frigging emotional rollar coaster most of the time these days.

Welp :)

May. 9th, 2017 09:45 am
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Looks like we are ready to start house-hunting. Got a pre-approval of a sorts. They have to approve first whatever house we are interested in. That is ok with me. Packing this week for Aethelmearc War Practice. After we get back from the Cape from Mother's day will head on down to Gettysburg and start checking places out, then go to War Practice and then home. There are a number of houses we are kinterested in seeing and will be checking more before we leave, on-line.

Bothof us are jittery and worried. Tis a huge financial jump with no real safety net. But this is the time to do it. Kendrick is very worried. Wants to do this in the worst way but he is not one to jump. Whereas I am. Not pushing him, letting him go at his own pace. But I can tell he is terrified.

Think once we find a place and move stuff and especially after we sell this place, the stress will be less. But I can tell he is having a little bit of a hard time. Some days are better than others. He is a townboy who has never been out of the area to live, whereas I have, many times. He does want to do thids, and I feel secure that he is not doing this just for me. He is not used to doing stuff for himself, and think it makes him a bit uncomfortable.

Love to think after this first foray to Gettysburg, we find a place and can start bringing stuff down...and open our bookshops and bindery. Dearly love to have everything wrapped up before fall.
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Good thing is, the house that was top of our list in Gettysburg is still top.

However #2 is in worse condition than pictured and foundation is crumbling. Plus don't think we can build onto it - zoning issues. # 2 is only 1400 sq ft. and the price was right so we thought we could build onto it.

#3's price will be far above what we are willing to pay - twasn't on the market yet - plus it has tenants. Weird thing is, they are doubling what the price for from last year when they tried selling it and weren't able to. No way do we want to be the landlord that evicts tenants. It has about 6 apts or so and two store fronts. While I don't mind being a landlord for a retail business, don't want to deal with renters of apts. Too many horror stories.

Got a realtor who will help us out. He was the one that told us about the warts of House #2. There might be some exclusive listings that we don't find in the MLSes.

Slowly packing by myself, Kendrick isn't doing much in that regard. While he is very excited about moving, have a feeling the reality of having to sell this house that we love is slowly sinking in.

We are planning on going down to Gettysburg before Aethelmearc War Practice to check out places.
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Any folks that are here on LJ that are also on Dreawidth, please let me know you name over there so I can add you as a friend there.



Apr. 11th, 2017 11:41 am
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More friends are jumping ship to DW so I will be a lemming as well. How can I tell that some of my old listings make it over? Do I have to pay first?
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We did the Fredericksburg show, did alright. Not fantastic but better than last year. Very happy to be home. Got a call from Mike. He didn't realize that we were wanting to move so soon and apologized. He will be talking with his wife, figure out what they want for the building if they decide to sell it. He knows how much we can afford. We should hear somewhat soon, alot of things on his end to figure out. We are thinking of him leaving his books behind and be sortof a cooperative. Kendrick and I will watch the shop most of the time, he hopefully will do it when we do SCA shows. He allowed as to he might be more interested in getting back into the business if there were other folks around. Right now, the one side of the duplex is his shop but it hasn't been open for years and the other side was a rental but the folks are gone, left 6 months ago or so.

Kendrick will talk with his boss tomorrow. Let him know he is leaving and come to an agreement as to the date. Then I will post online on FB and make it official after I have told my family.

If Mike wants too much or doesn't want to sell, Chris and I will go to Gettysburg to look at places. We have been scouting online a far bit. It is giving us an idea of what we want.

Going to start culling out my larping and SCA clothes, sell them at Balfars and what is left, give to gold key.

Tis real now...hard to believe.

Jittery :)

Apr. 3rd, 2017 08:26 pm
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We still haven't heard from Mike about the store. Like I said before, he is a wierd duck...may not want to sell the building yet for his own reasons. So we are going ahead and looking at other places. I will be gooing with Kendrick in June to Gettysburg to look at stores. He likes going alone so him breaking down is a good thing. It is killing me that we will be only 2 hrs away from Gettysburg when we go to the show in VA but he doesn't want to go past Mike's shop. Afraid he might jinx it. I am not holding much hope tho. Just happy I don't have to wait til October for the second Gettysburg show. Iseally we would like to start moving out to Gettysburg after this Pennsic. Just have to find a place and someone to buy this house. Simple, right?

Mike's place is 4000 sq ft. We figure that with our budget, the houses/storefronts that are half the size, while not optimal but usually range 150-200 or so, whereas Mike's will be 250-300 and we would have to do some kind of deal. He is a friend but even friends have their limits to how far he is willing to go. I know he wants to rent the place to us but we are afraid of paying a rent that will eat up all the money we have saved. Been there, done that will the shop on Cape Cod. Lesson learned.

Family still doesn't really know...knows I am moving, someday. So not talking yet about it on FB plus Kendrick's boss, who has been away since beginning of January, still doesn't know and his co workers have an inkling but again, don't know the time frame....except for the boss's daughter.

Chatting here...I know there are precious few folks that reaf LJ anymore in my circle of friends, but hard to contain my excitement and need to talk. Will be seeing Raimond and Jaelle. They kinda know, they will be over the moon. They wanted us to move to Clarksville, VA but unfortunately won't do for a business. And most of Kendrick's books relate to the Union. Happy thing is, we will be 4 hrs from Clarksville so will be able to visit and go to events there and Marinusian events :))) Which I am so happy about!!!

Auction :)

Mar. 29th, 2017 06:24 am
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We went to our monthly book auction - our date night so to speak, lol. THis time it had a number of bookbinding equipment and tools as well as books. That is very rare to happen. A bookbinder usually dies or gets out of the business begfore you see tools come up. Hence, they can be expensive. New, the larger rollers are 100 dollars each and the small tools 75 dollars each new. There are also some patterns for tooling that you don't see anymore. So tools that are older is very desirable, especially since the antique dealers like it as well.

Kendrick was very tense, more tense than I have seen him before. He explained it as worried he would be outbid.

Welp, while he paid for it...he got all the tools plus a stamper (to put lettering on a spine) but decided against going for a cutter (we would have to rent a unit to put that in - too big and heavy and needed repair) and the dies to be used with the stamper. Those can easily be bought and 7000 dies unsorted was not something we wanted to deal with. They were in their original wooden cabinets - something very desirable to antique dealers. We did tell the auctioneer that if the person that bought them didn't want the dies, we would happily take them off his hands. Welp...there is still the matter of sorting through them.

He was still subdued after the auction. I tried to gentle him by telling him it was a needed expense yda yada. Then he told me the real reason he was in that peculiar mood. It was now a committment to moving forward, both literally and figuratively. It has now become "real" to him. And it is very scary, the costs that will be involved.

he will also be asked at the Bindery how he did at auction, as is their wont. He will tell them. Gravard will be very unhappy. Don't think he is quite believing that soon in the near future that Kendrick will be leaving.
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Good news is, if we can make arrangements with the friend of ours...we will plan buying his house/store and on moving this fall instead of next year. Just that anxious to get the show on the road. Kendrick will talk to him soon before he goes down to Gettysburg to make sure he is interested and given it more thought, talked it over with his wife and family, if not he will scout the area for other possibilities in JUne when he goes down. He doesn't want me to go down with him.....I think he is afrqaid I will jinx it. His friend is a quirky guy, nice but....and he would rather talk to him alone. Anything to get him to sell the building to us for a reasonable amount of money - it too is a fixer-upper.

Bad news is that our house probably isn't going to be sold for 250. It has lead paint. While we have dealt with the other issues - asbestos in the basement and asbestos shingling and started working on the downstairs, cosmetically it needs work on the inside and lead paint needs to be dealt with if a family wants to move in. I have enough for a downpayment but not to fix the house as well and really don't want to throw any more money into it since next owner will just probably redo it to their liking. I had a new asphalt driveway put in this fall because with the new work to the road, our driveway was now a hazard to the public.

So it will be sold as a fixer upper, with a fixer upper price. Might talk to the neighbor who is a carpenter and let up him know of our plans when we are ready. He bought his house, made massive renovations but it still isn't as nice as ours even tho valued more highly than ours is.

The house still has more value because of its location - corner lot and has a store front. But how much is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Handy folks might jump at it, not so handy won't.

Noone in the family knows and not alot of folks on FB either. Guess we don't want to jinx it but just so anxious!
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