Jan. 5th, 2017

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Can't post on FB yet - don't want all and sundry to know especially family but need to vent? a little here. Just got a phone call. They are starting me on Ritaxin next week. Guess the wait and see period is over. We are puzzled because it didn't sound like it would have to happen, at least so soon. We will see the oncologist next Thursday to get the scoop. Have had bloodwork and a mammio done last couple of days. Might need a lung exam - they saw some spots there but they haven't asked for a CAT Scan of that area. After my apt, we will have an Intro to Ritaxin 101. After that we will be going in for treatments weekly for 4 weeks and then again monthly for treatments for awhile. Apparently I won't lose my hair but not trusting much. I trust that my Onc will get me better, she has before but no rainbow good news stuff from her anymore, just want the facts mam. So my life will be on hold. Uncertain I will be healthy enough to make Birka or Gulf wars. Altho I may ask my husband to do Birka and get a friend to help him - need the money. Gulf wars is sortof up in the air anyways since no one is chiming in to help drive me and the books to Miss. Will take it a week at a time. I asked if there was any way I could skip pregnizone...they said yes. Apparently this isn't the tablet form but will be injected. Will go for treatment in Framingham which is almost an hour away. So not a real happy camper right now. Confused.

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