Jan. 7th, 2017

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Darling husband came with a concerned look on his face. Said he was going to give me a gift certificate to my former favorite hair salon to get a cut and dye job. He was uncomfortable....told him it was ok, wanted to wait to see if I was gonna have hair first :) Not sure if what I will be going through, will make me lose it or not. Suggested another place in town that I like better and that is half the price. Will go there once I find out what the story is as far as keeping my hair :)

We are trying to get work done - putting shelving up in my downstairs office so I can put the duplicate books up - before I feel not well enough to deal with it. He has a sliding/folding bookcase idea that we will try, I think. My poor store and shop is exploding with boxes of books. We have been going to auctions almost two times a month plus buying remaindered books. Shop ids closed right now - too cold to heat - so the boxes are going out there for the time being and in the house. We want our house back.

We have become addicted to playing cooperative board games. I never was a D and Der. But love cooperative board games especially the versions of Pandemic :) Hoping down the line they do a medieval version. We spent the money Mom gave us for Christmas on games!

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