Nov. 13th, 2013


Nov. 13th, 2013 12:04 pm
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Tis that time of year again...cookie baking time! Now to decide what I will make. I am going to Lyds and Coll's for a cookie baking session with Deb and Auntie Arwen. Need to decide which recipes I will do :) They offered to pick me up, bring me back without me really asking. I don't have to take the bus! Will be overnight and really having fun - we will bake brwad, cookies and whatever else our hearts desire...a fun Bakin Bitch time.

We will also start planning for Gulf Wars in Mississippi in March. This will be an experiment. Auntie Arwen and I will share a truck for lugging books, spices down and I will probably rent a car as well. I understand that around 4000 people attend and marchants do well...not as well as Pennsic but well enough. a couple of friends have offered to drive the car down. Lyds and Coll will drive the truck down. Auntie Arwen can't make it this year but Lyds and Coll will be selling her stuff. I sent my application as did Auntie Arwen. Now to wait and see where we will be situated there. That will dictate the tent/pavilion situation. Very excited about this and can't wait to discuss this with them this weekend.

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