Sep. 11th, 2017

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Have almost all the books in the shop done. The nice bookcases are all ready to be packed - those that are left. Kendrick is going through the oh-my-god woes that I went through a few months ago when I started packing. He has just started this week because of work. Now that he no longer works for the Bindery, he can pack.

Friends are starting to offer to help. Which is nice. But they are kinda expecting us to go according to their schedule which is not so fun. Everyone is curious about the house and wants to see it. Luckily the cots and bedding for the most part are there so they will have sleeping quarters. I am trying to impress on Kendrick that if they are coming down, I want them to bring some stuff along to help us. Cause I know that after we unpack, they will want to /and we will want to as well!! show off Gettysburg. This weekend it is a couple we have known for a number of years and are our computer gurus when we have issues. Luckily coming down during the week and leaving Monday will not be an issue. They will have their own car which will help a lot.

The following weekend will be Kendrick sister, who I love dearly and her husband but it will be a down and back trip since they work. So down Saturday, over night and back on Sunday.

I am not discouraging these folks...moving all our stuff is an extremely daunting task event tho I have been packing for a few months now. At the beginning Kendrick didn't want help, just us. Think he is beginning to see reasons why, if only he would let folks bring boxes down...we have a Gettysburg friend who sometimes helps us unload which is very nice. But think his curiousity about our new house is waneing.

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